Susan has lived on two continents, in two genders and sailed the “Bays and Oceans” as a Tall Ship Captain for over 30 years. She writes extensively about her journey as a transgender woman, and is actively involved with the growing transgender community in Port Townsend.

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A last squeeze

The small frail hand wraps around my thumb. It’s weathered fingers still retaining a semblance of strength. I ask her if she is feeling OK and two quick squeezes on my thumb are her reply. As I sit with my mother on this night, I realize this is how we were introduced on another June … Continue reading A last squeeze


Mayland Creek The incoming tide brought with it the smell of salt and decay, the scent of adventure and a promise of a day on the water. My mother had got the four us up early, dressed and fed us, and with warm clothing issued for the day, had sent us packing. The days adventure; … Continue reading MY FIRST ROW.

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